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A global pioneer in healthy & ecological living

Founded by five Saarelainen brothers in 1958, Honkarakenne, with its trademark Honka, is the first industrial log home manufacturer in the world.

We have built almost 85,000 houses around the world in 50 different countries and come up with countless innovations that have changed log construction to its core.  We are experts in healthy, ecological and safe construction.
In close collaboration with local architects we bring visions to life, creating modern bespoke architectural homes that make bold visual statement without leaving a negative environmental impact . Our pioneering Honka Fusion technology allows genuine massive wood to be easily combined with other building materials, such as glass, stone and steel. The non-settling cross-laminated Honka Fusion log allows us to build bolder and more diverse structures than ever before. Whatever the vision, we make it real.
Comfort, happiness, health. We believe that everyone deserves the best a home can offer. A home that’s perfectly in tune with modern lifestyles and the world we live in.
Honka Log Cabin - by Royal Appointment

In 1969, a member of staff from the Royal household showed up on Finnish log home manufacturer Honkarakenne Oyj's premises in Finland, wearing a kilt and accompanied by a translator. Pointing to a magnificent Honka pine cabin, he said: 'we would love to have a cottage like this. Not as big, but with the same material and with paned windows... Her Majesty is going to love it!' And with that, the cabin was completed and delivered to Scotland the following year.
The log cabin is situated by a beautiful loch in the most protected rural location of the Balmoral Estate, a few miles from the castle grounds. In 1970 the cabin was furnished with a table, settee and chairs all made of Finnish pine.
The cosy log cabin, which has no electricity, is decorated with Iittala glass design.
It is frequently used by members of the Royal family for their own leisure.
Her majesty says that the log cabin is greatly loved haven for the Queen and Her family when they stay at Balmoral and reminds her of Finland and its lovely people.
Her Majesty referred to the purchase of the log cabin as 'the continuation of excellent relations with Finland'.

From tree to log home
The perfect material for construction

Our log homes are crafted from the finest certified wood from Finnish saw mills, with years of knowledge and experience. In Finland, the natural growth of forests far exceeds the number of trees cut down, so a Honka home is an ecologically sustainable choice. A natural choice.
Although over 100 different types of pine trees grow around the world, only one of them grows wild in the forests of the Nordics. Because this pine grows slowly, its wood is exceptionally hard, particularly the heartwood. That's why it is one of the densest coniferous wood on earth - a perfect material for building a house.
Despite the high degree of processing, the dense and healthy log in the wall of our buildings is still the same pine that once swayed in the breeze alongside a lingonberry patch.
Maybe this is why the feeling you get when you walk through the doors of a Honka log house is unique, warm, cosy, natural and thoroughly welcoming.

Why Honka

We manufacture high-quality houses from natural materials so that people can live better and feel better. Our eco-friendly, healthy houses offer durable home that promotes the whole family’s wellbeing.

What You Get

Functional homes meet the specific needs of their inhabitants. In designing our buildings in collaboration with our team of architects, we pay careful attention to the lifestyles of our clients and their individual needs.