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If you are a self-builder and you have a building plot and wish to explore building a truly sustainable, environmentally-friendly, healthy Honka home we can help achieve your dream.

We provide a full Design, Planning and Building Regulations service under one roof or we are equally happy to work with your architects to make your dream of building your own home a reality.

artistic sketch of timber clad home

If you are an architect why not let us quote for your specific design as an alternative to traditional block work or timber-frame.

You might be surprised by the additional benefits that Honka Fusion™ Technology can bring to your client project such as superior thermal performance and healthy indoor air quality in addition to all the environmental credentials of using solid wood from one of the world’s most sustainable and best managed forests in Finland.

Honka UK is fully supported by leading industrial log home supplier Honkarakenne of Finland trading as Honka with over 60 years of construction experience, having built over 85,000 buildings in 50 different countries.

Comfort, happiness, health.  We believe that everyone deserves the best a home can offer.  A home that’s perfectly in tune with modern lifestyles and the world we live in.