Honka fusion™ FXL Solid Wood Frame Building System


Pioneering Honka Fusion™ technology uses vertical, non-settling, cross-laminated solid wood beams to create a state of the art superstructure which gives you all the benefits of a timber-frame together with the solidity of traditional block work with far less environmental impact.

Wood has been used in the construction industry for hundreds of years all over the world and in particular in the harsh Nordic climate, the home of Honka. Honka Fusion™ is our very own state-of-the-art concept that allows genuine massive wood to be easily combined with other building materials, such as glass, stone and steel. The non-settling Honka Fusion log allows us to build bolder and more diverse structures than ever before. Honka Fusion houses are very suitable for modern architecture and urban settings.

Since wood is an organic material, it changes its form over time. When wood dries, for example, it shrinks in the direction of its radius, which causes many traditional log houses to settle. Because innovation has always been our answer to the design and building challenges we face, we knew we could come up with the perfect solution: a non-settling log that allows us to build bolder and more diverse structures than ever before. These cross laminated timber walls are wrapped in wood fibre insulation and the exterior finished as required by the architect from thin coat render to stone slips and timber cladding, these are not log cabins as we know them

Honka Fusion™ FXL Solid Wood Frame Technology revolutionised the traditional log house design

The Honka Fusion log is manufactured from six sections that are laminated crosswise. The solution is based on minimizing the effects of settling with vertical middle layers of laminated logs. The non-settling characteristic is achieved by using a vertical wood lamella in the middle, a wood-on-wood profile, tight bolting that eliminates installation clearances and a special drying process.

Honka Fusion™ means that you can combine different materials and create spectacular architecture easily, without the settling spaces and wide architraves of traditional log construction. Still maintaining all the benefits of natural, solid wood.

Because of the non-settling Honka Fusion wall structure, logs can easily be combined with other materials, free of the wide architraves and settling spaces required in traditional log construction. Compared to traditional log technology, this gives architects and designers more room to design architecturally unique, modern buildings.

The non-settling Honka Fusion technology has many advantages:

  • Producing high-quality massive wood wall structures that do not settle over time
  • Enabling sophisticated, minimalistic details without the settling spaces or wide architraves of traditional log constructions
  • Speeding up construction as preparations for settlements are not necessary
  • Enabling direct fastening of different materials and structures, resulting in more stable and high-quality buildings
  • Helping to make structures extremely airtight, which saves energy and means improved fire safety
  • Maintaining all the benefits of traditional log houses


Massive wood is used as the load-bearing structure in Honka Fusion™ homes, but the façade walls may also combine many other exterior finishes, such as different types of panelling, steel, brick, stone or rendering. 

Honka Fusion™ buildings have been built in Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, France and the United Kingdom. See some examples of Honka Fusion houses we have built.