What we do

We design and build bespoke, healthy, sustainable and energy efficient homes.

Log home with dormer window

We build thermally efficient homes that bind carbon.

The more wood used in the construction of a home, the more sustainable it is. Our structural frame uses cross laminated timber and our wall insulation is made from wood fibre, all sourced from PEFC certified forestry. More trees are planted than are felled, and these trees take even more carbon out of the air. Our cross-laminated logs have factory fitted seals that improve air tightness. The more air tight your home is, the more energy efficient it will be.

 We build carbon zero homes.

We always aim to achieve an A rating EPC and carbon emissions of zero or better. The more wood that is used in a house, the more sustainable it is, and a typical 150m2 Honka home binds around 90 tonnes of carbon, that’s the equivalent to driving 14 times around the world! It takes 80% less energy to process wood than it does to produce bricks so we take a truly fabric first approach to construction using the most sustainable materials.

Energy performance certificate showing A rating for Honka log home
Honka employee designing client dream home

 We provide a design, planning and building regulations package.

We will design your new home and provide a detailed price and specification before submitting your planning application giving you the peace of mind that your new home is within budget before you commit to planning. Engagement and involvement from this early stage gives continuity throughout the project, eliminating oversights.

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The National Self Build & Renovation Centre

The National Self Build & Renovation Centre is the UK’s only permanent venue for independent homebuilding advice and support.