Why choose Honka Fusion™ FXL Solid Wood Frame?


Solid wood has an exceptional ability to balance moisture and thermal changes in the inside air. We have developed our wall structures specifically to maintain the natural breathing of the wood, letting the water vapour move freely from the air to the wall and back.
breathable Honka log walls showing humidity scale

#2 good indoor air quality

According to an extensive European study, the more massive wood is used in the interior walls of a house, the more optimal the air quality is for health. The balancing effect of log walls has also been proven in a test conducted by VTT inside a Honka house in Finland.
Explaining optimal humidity in Honka log walls

#3 superior epc energy rating

Did you know that only 1.4% of all new houses built in England in 2019 were awarded EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) Energy Rating of A? To qualify for A rating you need to score 92 out of 100. We were delighted when we found out that our show house below was awarded a respectable 98 out of 100 thanks to the pioneering Honka Fusion™ Technology.
Energy performance certificate showing A rating for Honka log home

#4 speed of construction

Most of our houses can be constructed to a weatherproof stage within as little as 10 days thus enabling your investment to go towards quality of materials rather than disappearing in labour costs.

#5 zero manufacturing waste

#6 naturally energy efficient

Solid logs are natural conservationists. Unlike timber frame walls, a log wall is a massive structure that is capable of storing heat. When the temperature lowers during the night, for example, the log walls give heat back into the rooms until the temperature is again equalized.
Honka log wall air tightness
Although the external walls of our houses are built from sufficiently thick logs, they do not require any extra insulation even in the coldest climates such as Northern parts of Finland and Russia. Building Regulations in the UK however require additional insulation which delivers fantastic u-values of 0.17W/m2K or even better.

#7 fire safety

Massive wood is a surprisingly fireproof material that can endure fire even better than concrete or steel. Wood contains about 15% of water and before wood can catch fire, all water has to evaporate. In a fire, a massive wood house will char, but it will not collapse in the same way as houses with lightweight or steel structures.

#8 sustainability

PEFC certified forests in Finland

#9 a stress reducing environment

Honka study on children learning in solid wood constructed schools

#10 ecological construction

One of the greatest things about Finland is its abundance of trees. In fact, more wood grows in Finnish forests than is harvested. Our company roots are deep in the Finnish forests and our long experience guarantees your family an ecological home built with pure, renewable and high-quality wood.
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