Honka from Finland stamp


Honka from Finland stamp

Timber's good. Solid wood TAKES IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL

Organic, ecological, sustainable and breathing – solid wood, or log, has been loved by people for centuries and for many, many good reasons. Now, thanks to Honka’s pioneering technology, it’s possible to combine this traditional Nordic building method with inspiring architecture and the latest technology to create unforgettable living experiences for our clients.

What’s more, your architectural designs will not be limited by technical issues: with today’s technology you can create beautiful combinations using our cross-laminated non-settling vertical solid wood beams and other materials, while the heart of the building remains solid, sound and healthy.

When building materials are compared ecologically, wood really stands out. It can be said that in general, the more wood that is used in the building, the more sustainable the project is ecologically.

Solid wood is a natural insulator with thermal mass. Unlike timber frame walls, a solid wood wall is capable of storing heat. 

When the house temperature is lower during the night, the solid wood wall gives back heat until the temperature is equalised once more, reducing energy costs.

internal open plan living with family dog
Holiday home on park with render and timber external finish
Honka internal living room with metal staircase
3D render of Honka model
What we do

We design and build bespoke, healthy, sustainable and energy efficient homes.

Design without constraint

There are no limitations within the Honka Fusion concept to your preferred design for internal finishes